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Vote for Our Future

Our Future is the Future of California

Do you want your elected officials to listen and work for your interests? How about policies that reflect your community’s priorities? And neighbors who are engaged and committed to increasing involvement within your community?

VOTING is at the heart of achieving all of these outcomes. Politicians know who votes and respond to those who do. High voter turnout helps ensure that the policies which pass are ones reflective of the needs and desires of your community. And studies shows that individuals who vote are more engaged and volunteer more in their communities.

Educacy’s Vote for Our Future campaign will focus on registering new parent and youth voters. Based on recent analyses performed by Working Partnerships, reforms representative of those sought by Educacy are short 100,000-500,000 votes statewide. In Santa Clara County, the measures/elections are short 40,000 votes. Educacy wants to play a lead role in increasing voter registration and turnout to overcome these shortages and help school districts pass local parcel tax measures as well as other legislation that move communities in the direction towards greater education reform.

The Vote for Our Future campaign is Bay Area-wide and focused on increasing civic engagement and voter turnout of the parent and student communities in Silicon Valley and beyond for the November 2010 elections.

Goals of the Campaign:

  • Create awareness of the education crisis utilizing Public Service Announcements (PSAs).
  • Educate the parent community about education issues using special news segments, grassroots outreach, education workshops, and candidate forums/debates.
  • Mobilize parents to get-out-the-vote and join Educacy’s efforts with a deep understanding of the education crisis and the role that parents have towards short-term and long-term reform.

Activities, Events and Tools:

  • Public Service Announcements to run from mid-September to the November 2 election. Messages from children will urge parents to engage in the election process. A public relations campaign will utilize general and ethnic media to create awareness of the education crisis and to motivate parents and the Bay Area community to get-out-the-vote for the November elections.
  • Forum/Debate for CA Superintendent of Public Instruction race – Tom Torlakson and Larry Aceves will have the opportunity to share their education platforms so that the parent community can make an informed voting decision.
  • Panel and workshop focusing on the decline of California’s educational system and reform efforts that are underway - Call to action to parents sharing how they need to engage in the reform movement.
  • Voters Outreach, Registration, and Get-Out-The-Vote: Grassroots mobilization by partnering with local community-based organizations, parent leaders, and student groups to increase number of new voters and voter turnout of the parent and student communities for the November 2 elections.

Voters Outreach and Registration Tools

Educacy encourages you to reach out to and register new voters in your area! Click here to access tools to help you to mobilize your communities. If voting is important to you but you are not yet a U.S. citizen, please visit U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Candidate Information

The most effective way to make your children’s voices heard is to vote on November 2, 2010. Your choices really do make a difference, and it’s critical that you vote on candidates that you feel can best reform and continuously improve public education in California.

Educacy has assembled data on statewide candidates and where they stand on issues related directly to K-12 education, including their views (where available) on student testing, the funding formula, improving graduation rates, teacher training, charter schools, and more. Please click on the links below for more information on the candidates’ education platforms.

Gubernatorial Candidates

D – Jerry Brown
R – Meg Whitman

U.S. Senators

D – Barbara Boxer
R – Carly Fiorina

CA Superintendent of Public Instruction

Larry Aceves
Tom Torlakson

Californians for Justice and the Campaign for Quality Education have also created a comprehensive Voter Guide dedicated to candidates’ responses to education issues and questions.

Legislative Information

While there are no propositions on the November 2 California ballot that specifically relate to education reform, one proposition deals with corporate tax breaks and another affects how the state budget is passed in California.

Proposition 24 proposes to repeal several corporate tax breaks that are slated to go into effect in 2010 and 2012. Proposition 25 proposes to reduce the passing of the budget and related budget legislation from a two-thirds majority to a simple majority while keeping the two-thirds majority to pass new taxes.

There are also several parcel tax and bond measures throughout the Bay Area dedicated to helping school districts minimize the negative effects of continuously reduced budgets and maintain their facilities. Below is a list of parcel tax and bond measures:

Alameda County

Measure G – Ohlone College Job Training/Quality Education Local Bond (55%)

Measure H – Berkeley Unified School District (2/3 vote)

Measure I – Berkeley Unified School District (55%)

Measure J – Emery Unified School District (55%)

Measure K – Fremont Unified School District (2/3 vote)

Measure L – Oakland Unified School District (2/3 vote)

Measure M – San Leandro Unified School District (55%)

Contra Costa County

Measure J – John Swett Unified School District (2/3 vote)

Measure K – Martinez Unified School District (55%)

Measure L – Pittsburg Unified School District (55%)

Measure M – West Contra Costa County Unified School District (2/3 vote)

Measure N – Knightsen Elementary School District (55%)

San Francisco County

Measure D – Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections

San Mateo County

Measure I – Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Bond (55%)

Measure J – South San Francisco Unified School District Bond (55%)

Measure N – Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Bond (55%)

Measure O – San Mateo Union High School District Bond (55%)

Measure P – Jefferson Union High School District Parcel Tax (2/3 vote)

Santa Clara County

Measure E – Foothill-De Anza Community College District (2/3 vote)

Measure G – San Jose / Evergreen Community College District (55% vote)

Measure H – Santa Clara Unified School District (55% vote)

Measure I – East Side Union High School District (2/3 vote)

Measure J – Franklin McKinley School District (55% vote)

Measure K – Moreland School District (55%)

Measure J – Cambrian School District (2/3 vote)

Local Voter Drive Information

Several school districts and their passionate parent leaders are committed to conducting voter registration drives in their communities. By educating and mobilizing parents, students, and others towards greater civic engagement, these communities will be stronger and public policies will better represent the priorities of the communities. If you are interested in conducting a drive and need assistance, please contact Kay Louie, or download our helpful Voter tools in the Parent Resources section.

Vote for Our Future PSAs

Educacy has created a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that will run on television stations throughout the Bay Area from mid-September to the November 2 election. Messages from students urge parents to engage in the election process and "Vote for Their Future".