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Our Vision

Educacy is a 501(3)(c) non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization dedicated to the advancement of 21st Century Learning in K-12 California public schools. We believe that project-based, real world teaching focused on analyzing and synthesizing information encourages student teams to collaborate, be adaptable, and effectively communicate to solve complex problems should be the ultimate purpose of our public education system. While we understand that a limited amount of testing is necessary for standardized assessment, we advocate that all of this can be successfully coupled with more traditional instructional practices to engage and inspire young minds while simultaneously meeting the proficiency requirements of academic standards.

Our goal is to bring parental, educational, and community stakeholders together to examine and implement the most appropriate 21st Century Learning methodologies for their districts, schools, and classrooms through best practices, resources, tools, and connections. We do not ascribe to a single solution but rather customized solutions that work best within a given educational environment. Short term, Educacy’s aim is create local, effective programs with tangible, measurable impact. Longer term, our goal is to help foster a new generation of students who graduate high school with a love of learning, a curious and educated mind, and a deep-rooted sense of good citizenship. In sum, children who are fully prepared to thrive in a 21st Century workforce and society.

Educacy Objectives


Identify and engage prospective 21st Century Learning communities, including teacher, administrative, parent, and community thought leaders.


1) Raise funds

2) Conduct a comprehensive seminar on 21st Century Learning techniques and curriculum


Implement 21st Century Learning programs in districts and/or schools and/or classrooms.

We are currently seeking communities that have successfully implemented 21st Century learning as well as those wishing to take that step forward in developing a new program. Please contact us if you are interested in participating at any level or capacity.