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News & Events

Educacy in the News

School, state budget reductions impacting district schools
The Oracle

Today's show looks at the importance of voting and being involved in the elections process, featuring Kay Louie, Co-Founder of Educacy
Beyond the Headlines with Cheryl Jennings, ABC7

With schools in crisis, parents organize political pressure groups
California Watch, August 16, 2010

Parents who saved 107 teaching jobs spread grass-roots tips to others
San Jose Mercury News/Cupertino Courier, July 29, 2010

Bay Area parents coalesce to work to reform education funding
San Jose Mercury News, July 23, 2010

Parents form Educacy, set goal for 2012
The Educated Guess, July 23, 2010

Parent Activists Come Together
The Educated Guess, June 9, 2010

Educacy Events

Education Symposium, October 23, 2010
California Schools: The Mess We're In and How to Get Out.

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