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October 23rd Education Symposium
California Schools: The Mess We're In and How to Get Out.

Don't miss these leading education experts discuss why California's K-12 schools are in such trouble now and what can be done to turn them around. What should be the vision for the California schools of the future? What can we all do now to help our schools?

John Merrow, education correspondent for The Jim Lehrer News Hour, will explain how we got into this mess and then moderate three panel discussions.

Panel #1: How do we get out of this mess?

Panelists will include:

Ted Lempert, President of Children Now

Dennis Quirin, Director of Community Partnerships, California Forward

Jennifer Bestor, Property Tax Researcher

Laura Bradley, Teacher with Accomplished California Teachers

Panel #2: What should the schools of the future look like?

Panelists will include:

Larry Rosenstock, CEO of High Tech High in San Diego

Esther Wojcicki, Teacher at Palo Alto High

David Plank, Executive Director of Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)

Anne Campbell, San Mateo County Superintendent

Panel #3: What is our immediate call to action? What about over the next two years?

All panelists will participate in this discussion.

Refreshments and light appetizers will be served at 6pm. The symposium will run from 6:30 - 9:00 pm.

Click on the link below to register.



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