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Educacy is a non-profit, non-partisan, parent-based organization dedicated to the advocacy of K-12 education reform. Formulated on the belief that public education is a fundamental right of every child, we believe that through the development of a powerful parent network, we can become a key player in the policy-making decisions that directly affect our children and their education. But without your help, we cannot grow to levels that will ensure our children’s voices can be heard.

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Lend a hand and your voice today

Join us in the fight to help restore California’s educational system to the exceptional levels of its past. We are looking for help on the following committees:


This committee will be dedicated to all things marketing and PR which includes but is not limited to writing content for marketing materials, including the website, press releases, presentations, flyers, videos, posters, etc.; graphic design; communications via the web, egroup, and blog; and researching and compiling facts and data. Time commitment will be approximately 2 – 5 hours per month.


This committee will concentrate on grassroots involvement and growth of parents at the local level. This key group of volunteers will spread the word about Educacy’s efforts by engaging district-level partners, building alliances, conducting/participating in town hall meetings, communicating messaging and activities that resonate within a local community’s demographics, and generally serving as an advocate for all Educacy efforts. Time commitment can be as little or as much as you desire.


This committee will be focused on identifying, researching, summarizing, and publishing information on legislation that impacts education financing and the overall system of public instruction as well as the education platforms of candidates. The information from this group will be made available to our members and on our website. This group will also help to develop and execute local, regional and statewide strategies for advocacy of education funding and policy reform. The committee work includes but is not limited to research, writing and summarizing legislation and candidate platforms, and meeting with and lobbying elected officials. Time commitment will be approximately 2-5 hours per month.