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Your Support Means Action

California boasts the 8th largest economy in the world. Yet the state ranks 47th in per pupil spending and 49th in the ratio of teachers to students. As parents, we must step up to advocate for change at the state and federal levels. We need many parents and community members to join us in order for Educacy to reach its goals for students across California.

Of utmost importance to our work are our volunteers and financial supporters:

Volunteer with Educacy

There are countless opportunities to lend a hand. The path forward includes many activities including membership growth, voter outreach, and educational programs. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please fill out a volunteer form and we’ll be in touch.

Ways to Contribute

Whether you would like to make a cash contribution, transfer stock or become a founding patron, we appreciate anything you can give to help Educacy carry out its vital work.

In addition to a monetary donation, you may donate in the following manner:

  • Matching Grants/Gifts
  • Stock
  • Fundraising
  • In-kind products and services