September 22nd, 2010


Hello and welcome to the Educacy website! Kay Louie and I, Co-Founders of Educacy, sincerely hope that you find our site a useful resource for educational tools, information, facts, news, and voting information, as well as an inviting place to continuously share ideas and views with other parents and community members who are concerned about the state of public education in California and are committed to reform.

We were individually working on education advocacy issues in our respective communities (I in Evergreen in San Jose and Kay in Redwood City), and understood that the most impactful way for us to spur change was to join our communities and involved members together as a single force. Each of our school districts, likely similar to yours, was facing extreme budget cuts that had resulted in teacher lay-offs, increased class sizes, and the elimination or reduction in critical programs and services, such as libraries, guidance counselors, and buses. While some districts are able to implement successful fundraising campaigns and/or pass parcel taxes that are critical to mitigating district shortfalls, they are short-terms solutions that cannot be sustained. What we need is long-term reform that brings more money to public education, ensures that the money that we do have is spent efficiently and wisely, and that our children are provided a well-rounded curriculum supported by a highly trained and properly compensated teacher pool.

Only through a strong, powerful parent network will we make it possible for our children’s voices to be heard and rise above the noise of politics and bi-partisanship. We look forward to your ideas, your commitment, and your engagement on all topics related to public education. Please join both our Discussion Board and our Facebook group, and let other parents know about our organization.

And don’t forget to visit our newly launched website!


Steffanee Taylor, Co-Founder, Educacy


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